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hjaiof;ioefr [Mar. 4th, 2004|05:48 pm]


I looked at the sky today. And wondered. Why that chicken ever thought the sky was falling.

[User Picture]From: joie_
2004-03-05 12:59 pm (UTC)

lol, you know what is scary..I did that once and thought the same..
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[User Picture]From: dorkus721
2004-03-05 01:37 pm (UTC)
ajdfkaeru! sooooooo scary maaan!
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[User Picture]From: joie_
2004-03-05 07:38 pm (UTC)

scurrry SkERRY woooooooosh..
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From: woulddie
2004-06-10 09:10 am (UTC)

the sky is falling

Chicken Little!
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[User Picture]From: xbitexmyxtongue
2004-06-10 11:07 am (UTC)

Re: the sky is falling

most deffinatly!
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